Bozovici Event


“Green leaf as aglica,

Our water’s Rudaria,

And on our river we have mills

Grinding corn and wheat beans”

…says a popular verse from Rudăria.

There is also a saying that here the time is grinded and that if you sleep overnight in the Moara Îndărătnică (Stubborn Mill) and you leave the mill to grind empty, you rejuvenate.

We invite you therefore to rejuvenate together at the Traditions Festival – Almăjul is reborn!

On April 9, in Bozovici’s Central Park, the local people, and also prominent guests, they come to entertain you and to reveal all that is beautiful and valuable in the local area: local culinary delights, folklore and humor with the village elders, exhibitions of popular costumes manufactured hundreds of years ago, performances of traditional dances and dancing lessons for wooden legs. We gather to the sitting area where Almăj’s skilled women’s show us how traditional designs   are sewn or how to labor the wool as per ancestors’ ways. Then we ride horses wagon to reach the largest watermills park in Europe where we will learn, in the words of the elders, legends about the mills.

For the local high school students, we prepared a workshop about life after high school, and for those who think the Almăj country deserves better, a workshop on Internet promotion with My secret Romania.

When dusk will arrive, the entire Bozovici will be enchanted by ADDA’s rhythms!

The surroundings hills, forests, lakes and relaxing waterfalls, are forming Almăj’s canvas and invite you to stay still and learn about Almăj’s fairy-tail world.

Event organized with Bozovici’s City Hall support and other beautiful people of the Almaj Valley following to knowing them.