We are 122 young people from Almăj Valley, full of energy and eager new experiences, and we want to highlight our city’s tourism potential and to bring it back to life. We are students or former students of Eftimie Murgu high school, most having at least one parent abroad.

It began with the White River Camp, where we spent a week with no telephone and no internet signal, but where we discovered what this project was and how it could help us. We learned how to communicate, how to persuade and how to support our ideas, how to organize ourselves and how to organize others, how to become entrepreneurs and how can we grow with our community.

lia-sofia-tiraLia-Sofia Țira

“From my own perspective, this project represented a contribution to the development of our relevant skills, knowledge and attitude. I didn’t do something only to be done. It was stimulus and support creativity and even performance, many people in this circle who contributed fondly because without … I do not think something so special could have comes out and would have remained forgotten. I had nothing to lose; I gained a pretty nice experience and useful for when that can be used further, certainly. What can I say: I am really glad that I was part of this “challenge” and that I didn’t stay home in my “comfort zone”.”

sorina-tomeniucSorina Tomeniuc

“I am very glad that I was part of this project because I had the opportunity to communicate with people I did not interacted so much, I met nice people and the cool part is that we had fun … we formed a team and we nailed it. Certainly, if it weren’t for this project the event would not have occurred. So everything is due to you that you have supported us and pulled us in the right direction. You have helped us a lot and we thank you for that.”

iustina-turneaIustina Iasmina Turnea

“For me, this project meant a unique experience. It helped me to learn what teamwork really is and not least, to become a better person. I met wonderful people and I managed to make some new friends. I learned to express my opinion to the people, which will help me enormously in the future. I became more confident in me and more optimistic. In the activities I realised that teamwork is of great importance, and to be able to achieve something you have to go over disagreements that exist and combine work with fun.”

patricia-cirpanPatricia Cirpan

“What this project meant to me? For me it meant a lot, but most important is that I learned essential things about organizing community, about how to approach an important person in the village, as Mr. Mayor, to make myself heard, about how wonderful teamwork can be and to become as “one”, about how to approach a project that I think is worth all the effort! For me it was a unique chance to learn some things that I’m sure I’ll need in the future!”