Anina Event


We all know the story of Ion of Anina, the oldest fossil of modern man discovered so far in Europe. We recognize the fact that Anina was one of the largest mining cities in our country and that the factories that operated here offered locals a good life, dignified jobs and steady income. We also know that Anina is crossed by Semmering Banat, the first mountain railway in Romania, but also that in the meantime, the glory of the city has declined, economic activities have collapsed, and many go to foreign countries to find a better life.

Because the cultural richness of this city should make people to want to come here, not to go, we invite you to Anina Fest – Get involved!, April 16, 2016 at the Plateau, to celebrate together all that is beautiful and valuable in Anina.

Under the slogan “If we don’t, then who?” we join conservation initiatives, transformation and reuse of industrial heritage through the creative power of the locals but also people from outside Anina who dream of a better future for this city.

At Anina Fest – Get involved! We make a foray into the mining life at all times and we enjoy a jewel photo exhibition, with images taken by father and son Izvernari Gheorghe. All day, we sit at tales with locals who put together the key moments in the life of Anina and discuss possible scenarios for the revival of the city. Special guests are Horea Murgu, excellent engineer and university professor who was born in Anina and Ionel Bota, director of the Old Theatre Mihai Eminescu in Oraviţa. From Anina participate Gigi and Moso, but also other people who are concerned about the fate of Anina.

Ovidiu Micsa from The Ideas Mine introduces us to the mysteries of cameras manufactured and initiates us in the process of developing in the darkroom fitted right next Plateau.

For youngsters we have prepared three workshops for personal development and for lovers of thrills, a dose of Adrenaline on flying fox, slack lines and pendulum jump.

At the sunset, the city will be animated by the music of: We Singing Colors, Vanotek, A-C Leonte, Eliza Bunu and DJ Moco.

The next day (Sunday, April 17), we reward the most dedicated supporters of Anina with a concert We singing colors in a dream setting in motion – by train, on route Anina-Oraviţa, one of the most spectacular Railway crossing steep mountains and curves serpentine, 10 viaducts and 14 tunnels, known as Banat Semmering.

About Anina – what it was, what is and what could be!