We are 122 young people from Anina, a former mining town where all the mines were closed; we want to highlight our city’s tourism potential and to bring it back to life. We are students or former students of Mathias Hammer high school, most having at least one parent abroad.

It began with the White River Camp, where we spent a week with no telephone and no internet signal, but where we discovered what this project was and how it could help us. We learned how to communicate, how to persuade and how to support our ideas, how to organize ourselves and how to organize others, how to become entrepreneurs and how can we grow with our community.

octavian-sintionOCTAVIAN SÎNTION

“I was surprised and impressed by things and activities that happened in this project. In particular, I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet new people, and I have remained with many pleasant memories, since the camp organized in White River, where I learned many new things about an event, entrepreneurship, communication and community organizing, classes that were led by those from ActiveWatch, whom I thank on this occasion for what they manage to do – in a short time, I say, we were taught many new things. After nearly a year of the project I have in my mind, in particular, the days of preparing the event, and the event itself, where we saw what it really means and how to put into practice everything I learned in that week of camp. I say with great sincerity that for me was a pleasant experience that, without your help, probably I would have not had the opportunity to live.”

daria-drozdDARIA DROZD

“This project meant a lot because I’ve learned new things, new experiences I had and helped me learn a lot how to communicate better… And first, the White River Camp was a wonderful experience and then the project-writing workshop. It was the first time I presented a project in front of strangers or less known persons and emotion that have flooded then were some very wonderful and very tense. Similarly, the experience was very nice and interesting, in my opinion. We learn important things and I want to thank the trainers who took the time to teach us something new. I wish I can participate more in such projects .”

victoria-lazarVICTORIA LAZĂR

“The camp has been light on young people who have chosen to spend their time here. For me it meant a lot, I got to know better the close ones as well, make new friends among people from Bozovici, many memories that make me want to come back again in this camp full of wonderful people from that I had a lot to learn. An unexpected project for young people in Anina, but it was received with open arms. It was the most beautiful time of the summer and I look forward to repeating.”


“I’m Moco, I’m 24 years old and now I am the owner of a barbershop in Anina. The idea to open a barbershop I had in plan for a long time, but in camp at White River, in the entrepreneurship courses, I developed the idea with the trainers and so I got to put it into practice. The workshops and meetings that I attended through this project helped me learn new things about communication and organization and they gave me the confidence to start a business on my own. I had the opportunity to meet new people from whom I learned a lot and with whom I spent moments that I will remember for a long time to come.”