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The project “At school for our community!” aims to increase school attendance and labor market access opportunities for young people in Anina and Bozovici. It was noted that young people in these communities are proud to recognize the potential of their localities in tourism, sport and culture. Therefore, the project is based on the interests of young people and offer them an alternative solution to be actively involved in the life of their communities through school. By the two clubs set up in schools and activities that will take place here, young people will learn useful skills in the labor market related to the tourism promotion of their locality but at the same time bringing them closer to school (by conditioning access to clubs a better school attendance).

In this sense, young people will be trained on ways and possibilities of involvement in the community life, as well as in areas such as communication, events organizing and entrepreneurship.

Because one of the youth problems related to school attendance is the way of teaching, the teachers will be trained on how to adapt their classes to new media, making it more attractive to study and will develop their interpersonal skills.

Parents in the village, as well as those living abroad, will be subject to an information and awareness campaign on the need for good school attendance of their children and methods for its control.


Caras-Severin County School Inspectorate

Caras-Severin County School Inspectorate operates in accordance with Ministerial Order no. 5530 of 5 October 2011. It is a devolved institution of the Ministry of Education acting to achieve the objectives of the education system provided by the National Education Law. 1/2011. It provides strategic communication between all stakeholders in institutional support and development of school education: Ministry of Education, local authorities, and decentralized services of ministries in the territory, schools and local communities acting to achieve educational goals set by the education law in the field of school education. Through the managerial activity, it aims to achieve the aims of education, access to all levels and forms of education of citizens, grounding judicious use of education network, providing optimal conditions for carrying out the educational process (curriculum).”


ActiveWatch is a human rights organization campaigning for 18 years for free communication in the public interest. ActiveWatch support the following strategic directions of social intervention: good governance policies, freedom of expression, discrimination and media education. In its anti-discrimination programs, ActiveWatch is developing research methodologies and intervention, advocacy and organizing communication campaigns, training sessions and public events. The association is active in the protection of persons with disabilities through campaigns, labor market inclusion projects, advocacy for their rights and rapid response to changing public discourse about the disabled.


The project ”At school for our community!” is designed as a measure to revitalize the life of the community, proposing a solution of combined interventions in educational, social and cultural areas, and directly addresses a number of 244 young people aged between 16 and 29 years, from Mathias Hammer high school in Anina and Eftimie Murgu high school in Bozovici. The project starts with the training of 20 teachers, 10 from each high school, in how to teach in attractive ways. More specifically, the 20 teachers will benefit from a workshop in the use of media in education and a workshop to develop interpersonal skills. Also, for a period of six months, teachers will receive mentoring sessions in the use of media in the educational process following which they will better understand how media can be used as tools to make teaching more attractive to students.

The starting point of activities for young people is a development camp in which all 244 young people will benefit from:


– communication and event organizing workshops, learning the steps for designing and organizing events for entertainment and interest for potential tourists and locals;


– entrepreneurship workshops where they will learn how to think in terms of business and to develop their own ideas and combining business skills with local potential;


– community organizing workshops where they will learn concepts about how they themselves can influence local decisions for a more comfortable living.

The camp activities also lay the foundations for activities that will take place in the clubs. Learning by doing is applied in clubs activities that will lead to the development of ideas started in the camp. Thus, the assessment of young people in terms of their skills and their preferences will define the student teams that will operate in the 4 areas: communication, event management, entrepreneurship and community organization.

Within the club’s activities, teams outlined in the camp will receive the necessary support from the trainers in order to organize an event in Anina and one in Bozovici, to outline realistic business plans, or build local action groups, which will improve living conditions in the two localities.

The end of the project is marked by the two events organized by the young people with the support of trainers. The specific of each event will be determined in the camp, according to the preferences of young people. The parents will be also involved in organizing the events.

Parents will be subject to an information and awareness campaign on the need for good school attendance of their children. Through this campaign, parents abroad will find out about the successes of their children (in the clubs activities) and about the online mechanism for information on school attendance established in the project.


1Increasing life skills and soft skills development useful for accessing the labor market in jobs similar to those in the tourism category, for 200 youth through the establishment of a Youth Club in each of the two localities where the project is implemented and developing activities according to the local specific and interests of young people.

2Developing skills for a minimum of 20 teachers to use teaching methods adapted to the particularities of young people at risk, to increase the attractiveness of school by conducting a training program aimed at the development of adapted curriculum.

3Increase parental involvement in the school life of young people in the two localities by including a minimum of 20 parents in the project activities and the development of an online mechanisms of information and awareness for a minimum of 20 parents abroad in terms of school attendance and difficulties facing their children, high school students.

The project “At school for our community!” is implemented by the Caras-Severin County School Inspectorate, in partnership with ActiveWatch, during February 2015-December 2016 and is funded with financial support of RO10 CORAI Program, a program financed by the EEA Grants 2009 -2014 and managed by the Romanian Social Development Fund.

PLUS APPLICATION – The project extended

Through PLUS facility (an additional funding line for on going projects under the program RO10 – CORAI), the project was extended 8 months (May 2016 – December 2016) and initial activities were supplemented with other complementary activities to support the intervention and add value to the results obtained up to that point in the project. The total budget of the project is 1.493.385,32 lei.

One of the additional measures was to initiate 20 young, along with four representatives of the two communities, in which means project planning, writing and management, activity that came as a natural flow of what has been learned and practiced in clubs and enable the young to identify and access sources of financing, on the one hand to continue organizing events to promote their communities even after the project ends, and on the other hand, to contribute to development of the two communities with the opportunity to raise funds for other needs identified. Moreover, by introducing into the project’s target group 4 representatives of Mayors, creates the premises of a consistent and sustainable relations between relevant institutions in communities and young people.

Personal development workshops and behavior optimisation activity that complements project activities implemented so far by developing independent living skills and abilities of young people. The fact that most young people in the target group have at least one parent abroad cause problems for emotional level which is manifested in the life daily by self-doubt, low self-esteem, social isolation, reluctance in collaborating with teachers and lack involvement in educational activities, the purpose of education perspective could be dropout. The aim for this activity is to increase self-esteem, improving self-awareness, development of emotional intelligence, the ability to express themselves emotionally, improve their social skills, power to adapt to the needs of society in which they live, reduceing tension, aggression and anxiety levels that may occur in adolescence.

Development and dissemination of a magazine made by young people from the two clubs complements the work done in the clubs, enabling young people to practice and improve their communication skills, planning and organisation. In addition, it offers young people a tool through which they can promote their work in clubs, and the region they come from, which they can use after the project is ended. Moreover, none of the two schools involved in the project can not support and give their students this extra-school activity. From the educational perspective, the magazines can act as a motivation for more active involvement of young people in school life and at the same time can strengthen links between students and teachers of the schools.

A best practice guide on what measures were used in the project contributes to the transfer of knowledge gained through project implementation and the possibility of applying the integrated method in other disadvantaged areas where the dropout rate is growing.