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Reșița, 22 decembrie 2016


For nearly two years (February 2015 – December 2016), the project Stay – At school for our community! has gathered together, in the two clubs founded, 122 young people from Anina and 122 young people from Bozovici, aged between 16 and 29 years who were trained in the fields of community organizing, event organizing, communication and entrepreneurship.

In terms of quality, the project has improved the chances of access to the labor market for 244 young people, developed skills to use teaching methods adapted to the particularities of young people for 20 teachers and increased parental involvement in school’s life by involving in project activities 49 parents, both from home and abroad.

From a quantitative perspective, the main results generated by the project are: 1 development camp for 200 young people, 2 student clubs established and equipped, 2 documentation trips with 200 young people, two festivals organized by young people attended by more than 400 people, one online application for parents to monitor school attendance of their children, especially those living abroad, 1 workshop on writing and project management organized for 20 young people and 4 representatives of community local authorities (which generated 4 projects to be implemented by young people in their communities), 2 magazines of 4 numbers each, with articles written by young people and their teachers, 1 best practice guide and 244 young people advised in personal development and behavioral optimization workshops.

Thursday, December 15, 2016, the Caraș-Severin County School Inspectorate held the concluding conference of the project STAY – At school, for our community! . The event was attended by 75 people – young people and teachers in the target group, experts involved in the project implementation, and General School Inspector, Mr Adrian Doxan, Anina Mayor, Mr. Gheorghe Românu and Bozovici deputy mayor, Mr. Ion Sirbu.

“It is the only non-formal project implemented by the Caras-Severin County School Inspectorate to date and we are glad to see it was so well received in the two communities. Its results are memorable and I am convinced that from now on young people will be more involved and will mobilize better and easier in what means school life and thus of the community.”, said Mr. Adrian Doxan, General School Inspector .

“I am delighted that in this project were included young people from Anina, mostly high school students. Activities under the project can only be beneficial for modeling as responsible citizens of the The town needs of these young people, and this can only be possible through education. Project development has been a large-scale action and had a positive impact on young people and the community. Children identified the real problems of the community and tried to put shoulder to help remedy them. I understand that the magazines that were made public and they will want to make known the town to promote tourism. I hope they understand that it is only the power to restore the fame of old town Anina. I hope also that they understand that going abroad is the only option they have, but, to mobilize, to seek and find solutions to harness everything more beautiful in our community. It is not easy, nothing is obtained easily or quickly. But I trust in the creative potential of young people in our city and think through the activities in this project, they glimpse the possible ways forward. I say this because I saw they mobilize the events organized by them and believe they have the ability to conduct future actions as beautiful, that the city’s name to be heard. You can not be unaware of the beautiful things that are happening around you, and if they happen to youth initiatives, the impact is even greater. Therefore, Anina Town Hall and the City Council have supported and encouraged these initiatives and will continue. I refer to the two projects we have achieved and whose progress, even if not officially started. We offered the City Hall in conducting activities and want to assure them that I will do next. I also hope that with the club set to mobilize them in the future and come up with other useful initiatives in the community, but also for them because only by getting involved will develop civic sense. I wish you continued success and uu remember that great things have small beginnings. “Said Mr. Românu, Anina Mayor.

The “STAY – At school for our community!” was implemented by the Caras-Severin County School Inspectorate, in partnership with Active Watch, and was funded with financial support of the RO10-CORAI Program, program funded by 2009-2014 EEA grants and managed by the Romanian Social Development Fund. The total value of the project was 1.493.385,32 lei.

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