Press release – Development camp – STAY for our community

15 Sep

Press release – Development camp – STAY for our community

Project title: PET070 – La școală, pentru comunitatea noastră! (To school, for our community!)

Project prompter: Caras-Severin County School Inspectorate

Reșița,September 15 2015


Development camp “RĂMÂI pentru comunitatea noastră” (STAY for our community), an unique camp for young people from Anina and Bozovici

200 young people from Anina and Bozovici attended, between august 26th and septeber 5th 2015, to the development camp “RĂMÂI pentru comunitatea noastră” (STAY for our community), organized by Inspectoratul Școlar Județean Caraș-Severin and Asociația ActiveWatch, part of the project “La școală pentru comunitatea noastră!” (To school for our community!).

3 series with 70, 60 teenagers each, have learned, for 6 days each, how to put their ideas to contribute to the welfare of the community they belong to. The main workshops focused on topics such as communication and event organization, community organization and entrepreneurship. Thus, young people have learned the steps for designing and organizing an event of interest to locals and tourists, learned how to set up business and how to develop, combining their ideas and skills with the local touristic potential, and have learned notions about how they can be involved in decisions leading to improved living conditions for members of both communities.

The workshops will continue in school, through thematic clubs where the young people ideas initiated in the camp, will materialize. Specifically, the youth will shape realistic business plans, will form local action groups and organize two events, one in Anina and one in Bozovici, all these efforts leading to equip young people with skills to enable them to cope with any situation in their professional and personal life.

In addition, young people have benefited from other thematic workshops, which were voluntarily supported by subject matter specialists.

Petra Dobruská, from One World Romania la Școală, the educational program which aims to integrate human rights documentary film in high schools in Romania, has presented to young people the movie “We Will Be Happy One Day” (Pawel Wysoczanski | Polonia | 2011 | 42 min). The movie and the discussion that followed provided youth camp participants the possibility to compare their life context with the other teenagers in Poland. It also prompted them to dream, showing them that dreams can come true. However, Petra Dobruská presented the history and touristic development of the Czech community in Banat. This is a successful example of a rural community that has managed to preserve their language, traditions and culture that attracts every year thousands of tourists from abroad.

Maria Spirache, screenwriter of the movie #Selfie (Cristina Iacob | România | 2014 | 123 min), winning the Audience Award at Gopo Awards 2015, he held a scriptwriting workshop, which aims to help participants to discover a passion that would become their profession. The brief introduction to screenwriting was focused around the concept of creative writing and how writing can help personal development.

Andrei Dragotă, copywriter at the advertising agency Propaganda, spoke to the youth about how ideas are born and how to shape a campaign concept. Together, they put together some ideas for campaigns in order to promote the areas from where the young people are and also the events to be organized.

Victoria Carasava, debate team member of the high-school „George Coșbuc” from Bucharest, held a workshop on oratory. The aim was to give young people some tips on public speaking and the elements needed to build a successful speech.

Alina Floroi, co-founder of Laborazon Maker Space, a creative space, DIY and ideas incubator for creative people, it showed young people how to build with their own hands and natural resources.

The event has enjoyed the support of both municipalities, the Anina and Bozovici City Halls, that showed open collaboration within the project and supporting the young people efforts.

The project La școală, pentru comunitatea noastră! is implemented by Caras-Severin County School Inspectorate, in partnership with Active Watch, between February 2015 and April 2016 and is funded with financial support of the RO10-CORAI Program, program funded by 2009-2014 EEA grants and managed by the Romanian Social Development Fund.

For additional details visit or send an email at, contact person Aurora Vasile.

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