Development camp “RĂMÂI pentru comunitatea noastră” (STAY for our community)

20 Jul

Development camp “RĂMÂI pentru comunitatea noastră” (STAY for our community)

Project title: PET070 – La școală, pentru comunitatea noastră! (To school, for our community!)

Project prompter: Caras-Severin County School Inspectorate

Development camp “RĂMÂI pentru comunitatea noastră” (STAY for our community)


For young people aged between 16 and 29 years.

1st Group: August 21-26

2nd Group: August 26-31

3rd Group: August 31 – September 5

If you feel like the place you belong deserve more and you want to live in a place where there are more fun activities, where people are doing better and are more likely to grow or to know the world surrounding, in -a space that is transformed according to the your needs, preferences and desires and those of your neighbors, OPEN YOUR EYES FOR OPPORTUNITIES!

Come with us to the development camp “RĂMÂI pentru comunitatea noastră” and learn how you can put your ideas into value to contribute to the welfare of the community to which you belong. For 6 days, you get to train your skills and to contribute to build a community as you desire. Open your eyes for opportunities!

The camp will include:

  • Communication and event organization workshops through which you will learn the steps for designing and organizing fun events for local residents and potential tourists;
  • Entrepreneurship workshops where you will learn how to think and develop your business by combining your own ideas and skills with local potential;

  • Community organizing workshops where you will learn concepts about how you can influence local decisions yourself for a more comfortable living.

Camp’s workshops will continue at school, through thematic clubs that we will take forward the ideas initiated during the camp to implement them. Therefor, the teams formed during the camp will receive all necessary support from specialists to organize an event in Anina and one in Bozovici in March 2016, in order to shape achievable business plans and to build local action groups which will improve the living conditions in the two villages.

We shape the entire camp’s agenda after your needs and interests, we put you in relation with professionals in the field and we ensure that you learn the skills and information that will serve you in life regardless what future plans you might have.

All camp’s costs are covered by the project La școală pentru comunitatea noastră!, implemented by Caras-Severin County School Inspectorate, in partnership with Active Watch, between February 2015 and April 2016. The project is funded with financial support of the RO10-CORAI Program, program funded by 2009-2014 EEA grants and managed by the Romanian Social Development Fund.

For enrolments in Anina, please send an email at or contact teacher Mrs. Anca Ruva at the phone number 0722.289.096.

For enrolments in Bozovici, please send an email at or contact teacher Mrs. Stanciu Loredana at the phone number 0744.518.160.

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