Anina Fest – Get Involved

13 Apr

Anina Fest – Get Involved

Project title: PET070 – La școală, pentru comunitatea noastră! (To school, for our community!)

Project prompter: Caras-Severin County School Inspectorate

Reșița, April 13 , 2015



Between 16 to 17 April 2016, will take place the festival Anina Fest – Get Involved!, at the Platou, in which young people from Anina celebrates everything which is more beautiful and more valuable in their city. Under the slogan “If we don’t care, then who?”, we join conservation initiatives, transformation and reuse of industrial heritage through the creative power of the locals, and also of people from outside Anina who dream of a better future for this city.

The festival is organized by young people from Anina who want to showcase what is more beautiful and precious in the area and is part of the project “At school, for our community!”, implemented by the School Inspectorate of Caras-Severin, in partnership with ActiveWatch during the period February 2015 – April 2016.

At Anina Fest – Get Involved!, we submerge into the mining life from all times and we enjoy a photo-jewel exhibition, with images taken by father and son Izvernari Gheorghe. Also during daylight, we share tales with the locals who put together the key moments in the life of Anina and discuss possible

scenarios for the revival of the city. Special guests are Horea Murgu, excellent sound engineer and university professor who was born in Anina and also Ionel Bota, historian and curator of Old Theatre Mihai Eminescu in Oraviţa.

Ovidiu Micsa from Ideas Mine introduces us to the mysteries of manufactured photographic cameras and initiates us in the process of film developing in the darkroom just right next to the plateau.

For Anina’s youth we have prepared three workshops for personal development, and for thrills lovers, a dose of zip-wire adrenaline, lacklines and pendulum jump.

For seniors in Anina we have prepared folk music concertes and dances with Kids Fanfare from Anina’s Culture House, the vocal group and traditional dances ensamble Doina from Anina’s House of Culture, Ruva Maria and Sonia Tivodor, 3rd year female students at Mathias Hammer High School, Hora Carașului ensemble from Oraviţa and the band Milan Todor.

When dusk settles in, the city is animated by the music of: We Singing Colors, Vanotek, A-C Leonte Eliza Bunu and DJ Moco.

The next day (Sunday, April 17), we reward the most dedicated supporters of Anina with a concert We singing colors, in a dream setting in motion – by train, on the route Anina-Oraviţa, one of the most spectacular railway crossing the mountains with curves and serpetines, 10 viaducts and 14 tunnels, known as Banat Semmering.

The event is part of the “At school for our community!” Implemented by the School Inspectorate of Caras-Severin, in partnership with ActiveWatch, which aims to increase school attendance and access opportunities in the labor market of young people from Bozovici and Anina by educating them on ways and possibilities of involvement of community members in the life settlements they belong, as well as in areas such as communication, events and entrepreneurship.

Event supported by Anina’s City Hall and by the friends at Creative Division and Adrenaline.

Media partners:,, Reper24h, Blogmediacid.

The project is funded with financial support of the Program RO10-CORAI, program funded by 2009-2014 EEA Grants and managed by the Romanian Social Development Fund. The total project is 996 879,52 lei.

For further details visit, Facebook here or send an e-mail at, contact person Aurora Cârstea.

General School Inspector

Professor Doctor Nicolae Grindeanu

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